[A Rose from a Friend 4/26/98]

(in no particular order)

* Summer, hot tropical weather
* Exotic places
* Crowds of people at carnivals
* Driving long distance
* Friends who say, "Let's go!"
* Meeting new people
* Men who know how to treat a Lady
* The infamous "Tickle Me Elmo"
* The beach, ocean
* San Diego
* California
* The warm Santa Ana winds of southern CA
* Earth, sky, sun, moon, stars...
* The way the earth smells after a rain shower
* The Smokey Mountains in North Carolina (there's a secret get-away there that I truly love)
* Fire
* The darkness of Night
* Vampires
* Maja perfume from Barcelona, Spain
* Black nail polish, sometimes red
* The feeling after a great workout
* Going to college
* Books
* Horror movies (not too gory)
* Arabian & Lipizzan horses, Rottweilers & Dobermans, black cats...
* Ravens, black leopards, wolves
* Being a woman
* Freedom (a *must* for this Sagittarian!)
* My new-found guide/teacher, even though he's not of my tradition...My Dark Lord
* What I love the most is being a Strega! And in case your wondering...no, I don't do love spells! ;-)

(well...things I don't like)

* Cold weather
* Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes
* Bridges
* Clowns
* Anything wrapped around my neck, except maybe...diamonds ;-)
* Getting carded for trying to buy lottery tickets (plus not winning)
* Jehovah Witnesses at my front door
* Men who lack chivalry
* Stalkers
* People who can't keep secrets
* Speed Limits
* Insects (except for butterflies, lady bugs & praying mantis)
* Blind dates
* Dating services (I don't think so!)


Dessert: Chocolate Mousse
Candy: Cherry Cordials
Drink: Red Wine
Mix drink: Margarita
Perfume: Maja, Dune, Chanel No. 5
Flower: Red roses
Colors: Purple, red, black
Car: Jaguar
Gems: Tanzanite, amber, diamonds
Sports: Hockey, Football
Soap Opera: The Young and the Restlass
Musical: Phantom of the Opera
Dance: The Tango & The Lambada
Movie: Gone with the Wind
Actor: Tom Cruise
Actress: Madonna :-D (just kidding) Jodie Foster
Comedian: Mr. Bean
Way to attract men: Leave your zipper/button on the back of your dress open about 2 inches (the woman in distress theory)
Romance Novel: "Lisbon" by Valerie Sherwood
Occult Book: "Ways of the Strega" by Raven Grimassi
Horror Book: "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice
Songs: Frozen, Skin, Candy Perfume Girl
Gaelic Song: "Chuaigh Me 'Na Rosann" by the Scartaglen quartet
Music Group: U2


Copyright 1998 by Hadria von Hollen All Rights Reserved.
I made this rose border from a rose a friend gave me...who I adore truly, madly, deeply.
(Everything on this page is subject to change.)
The "Tango" by Isacc Albeniz from Midi File Central.

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