[Beautiful Skin]

1. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water *every* day. (I usually drink 48 ounces or more.) This is great for the skin and it also helps fight fatigue.

2. Exercise! (this definitely fights cellulite--the fancy word for fat). For the buns and lower legs I recommend Claudia Schiffer's video for this area---and work up to using ankle weights (not repetition). I've seen results in only 3 weeks <don't even ask for proof!>. Note: I have noticed that if these exercises are not done properly, they can be hard on the lower back and knees.

3. Take vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine (always consult a doctor before taking supplements---including an exercise program!).

4. Three times a week *gently* scrub your skin with a nylon scouring pad---it’s rough, but it works well. If you have sensitive skin, use a loofah (did I spell that right?). This is for the body only, don’t do this on your face! The same goes for step 5.

5. After every shower while your skin is still damp, apply baby oil or scented mineral oil.

6. Try to avoid sugar. <hehehe, definitely my weakness LOL>

7. Limit exposure to the sun...rays today, raisins tomorrow.


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