The Tools of Stregheria

The wand is used to request, not demand (it’s gentle, yet powerful); calling upon the gods and nature spirits; power-raising; directing energy; healing; divination; astral workings. It is associated with the element of Air and the direction East. The wood should be from a tree that bears fruit (or oak, willow, rose wood). Before the wand is taken from the tree, speak of your intentions. Then pour an offering of a mixture made of wine, honey and milk to the Numen (spirit) of the tree. Take the cutting from the bend in the branch, out to the fork. The length should measure from the inside of the elbow to the tip of the longest finger. Some traditions measure the wand 18 or 21 inches long. The thickness can be about the size of your finger or thumb. Next, the bark is removed and the tip is shaped to resemble a phallus. Dedicate the wand to the Goddess under the Full Moon.

Oak: Protection, strength, health, healing, fertility, prosperity.
Willow: Protection, healing, love.
Rose: Protection, psychic powers, healing, love.
*Wood of a fruit-bearing tree is preferred.
More woods:
Apple: Healing, love, immortality.
Dogwood: Protection, wishes.
Elder: Protection, healing, prosperity, exorcism.
Hazel: Protection, fertility, luck.

The wand that I use is from a climbing rose. The bark has darkened to a rich brown color and there’s a crystal on the tip which is held together by a strip of soft leather.


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For more information regarding the tools of Stregheria (Aridian Tradition),
see Raven Grimassi's "Ways of the Strega".

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