Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

by Charles G. Leland

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, does not represent the practices nor the beliefs of hereditary Italian witches. What Charles Leland wrote is the Christianized version of Aradia.

In the Aridian Tradition, Aradia is refered to as 'The Holy Strega'. Although she is not worshiped, her memory is honored. She is not the same Aradia that is portrayed in Aradia: GotW.

* Preface
* Chapter I: How Diana Gave Birth to Aradia (Herodius)
* Chapter II: The Sabbat, Treguenda or Witch-Meeting-How to Consecrate the Supper
* Chapter III: How Diana Made the Stars and the Rain
* Chapter IV: The Charm of the Stones Consecrted to Diana
* Chapter V: The Conjuration of the Lemon and Pins
* Chapter VI: A Spell to Win Love
* Chapter VII: To Find or Buy Anything, or to Have Good Fortune Thereby
* Chapter VIII: To Have a Good Wine and Very Good Wine by the Aid of Diana
* Chapter IX: Tana and Endamone, or Diana and Endymion
* Chapter X: Madonna Diana
* Chapter XI: The House of the Wind
* Chapter XII: Tana the Moon Goddess
* Chapter XIII: Diana and the Children
* Chapter XIV: The Goblin Messengers of Diana and Mercury
* Chapter XV: Laverna
* Appendix
* The Children of Diana, or How the Fairies Were Born
* Notes


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